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Worship Preview: Coming Home for Christmas

In the United States, Christmastime and thoughts of home just go together. “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” and “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays,” are two of the most popular holiday songs, year after year. Christmas movies and television shows regularly feature stories of people going to their family home or extended family home over the holidays. Among the rituals we create for this darkest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere, most of them are associated with either going home or doing special things at home­- whether lighting candles and having a time of family prayer during Advent, decorating a Christmas tree, or caroling around the neighborhood, it is all about home.
The seasons of Advent and Christmas are about a different kind of homecoming. The scriptures the church uses focus on a final fulfillment, and a new beginning, in Jesus. We’re going to use the secular metaphor of homecoming to wrap this series, so that each Sunday we can unwrap what this faith reality really means for us.
Sunday, December 3
Come Down Home
Scripture: Isaiah 64:1¬9

Sunday, December 10
Home Is Where We Meet
Scripture: Psalm 85:1-­2, 8-­13

Sunday, December 17
Joy Is Our True Home
Scripture: I Thessalonians 5:16­24

Sunday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)
Please note, there will not be an 8:30am worship service this day.
(11am only): God Makes This World a Home
Scripture: Luke 1:46-55
(7pm): Las Posada (Family Service)
Scripture: A variety of readings will be used, describing the birth of Jesus
This is a service that comes from Spain, describing how the Holy family searched for places to rest.
9pm): A Manger for the World (Candlelight and Communion)
Scripture: Luke 2:1-20

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