Worship Overview

Worship Overview Series: “Transitions” 
May for many people is a time of transitions. The school year is over, or winding down, for students and teachers. A portion of the student population graduates. June is still among the most popular times for people to get married. People start taking vacations. There are an increased number of home sales as June is a time when many people “pull up stakes” and move. Transitions are a part of life. How we react to them makes all the difference. The book of Samuel describes a time when the Hebrew people underwent a transition, from the leadership of Saul to that of David. It also describes Samuel’s transition from that of an inexperienced young person, to that of someone following God’s calling. Come see how these transitions of characters in the Holy Bible can help us with our own life transitions. 
     Week 1: May 27 Life in the Trinity: Romans 8:12-17 Prologue to Pentecost 
     Week 2: June 3 Guest Preacher I Samuel 3:1-10 (Rev. White on Vacation) 
     Week 3: June 10 “WHY? (when transition is unwanted)” I Samuel 8:4-11, 16-20 
     Week 4: June 17 Guest Preacher I Samuel 15:34-16:13 (Rev. White at Annual Conference) 
     Week 5: June 24, “HOW? (will our next stage go?)” I Samuel 17:32-49 Healing Hands
     Throughout the month of July, we encounter stories in the gospel readings that focus on the healing power of Jesus. Jesus’ power of healing began with the work that he was doing himself, but Jesus was also an effective leader and delegator—always extending the power to others to do the caring work. Despite Jesus’ frequent warnings not to tell anyone (the “Messianic secret”) of these healings, people began to spread word of Jesus’ and his disciples’ work. The more people who knew, the more people came seeking healing. Is this not how we would expect these events to unfold? The more widely the healing was proclaimed, the more people were drawn to Jesus. In time, large crowds numbering in the thousands came. What did he do? He fed them. Sharing loaves and fishes was more than sitting down and eating; it was a gracious offering of abundant mercy from the Son of God. Just as an abundance of people followed Jesus, an abundant meal was set before them. It is important to realize that Jesus sent out his disciples to do this work. We are sent to do the same. First, we are called to offer and bring life wherever we go. We are then called to be a part of the church—a group sent forth to continue the example set by Jesus’ disciples. In this, we must become known. This is not a selfaggrandizing act, but one that draws crowds to Jesus so they may know healing. Finally, all of our works are to the same end: bringing people to the table of Christ, where grace is offered and received in the breaking of bread and the sharing of the cup. 
Week 1: July 1 Bring Life Mark 5:21-43 
Week 2: July 8 Send Forth Mark 6:6b-13 
Week 3: July 15 Become Known Mark 6:13-16 
Week 4: July 22 Draw Crowds Mark 6:53-56