Upcoming Worship Series

*September 30th, Blessing of the Animals, one service, at 11am at the APR Property.*

           One Service at our Apple Pie Ridge Campus, 11am (rain location, sanctuary)

           “Estimate of Giving Cards” and “Preparing the Ground Logs” dedicated (Consecration Sunday).

           Blessing of the Animals

           Picnic Lunch (provided by Church Staff)
Worship Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 11
blended services which have traditional and contemporary elements


Balancing Your World

During September, the scripture passages we’ll use in worship contain images of planting, mountains, sky, harvest, and blessing.  In worship this month, we have the opportunity to think about the created world and our relation to it.  The scriptures also provide us with the opportunity to think about financial blessings and our relationship with possessions and money.  In some way, God has created the world and has given each of us not only the gift of life, but abundant resources of all kinds.  God has given us these things, so we need to be respectful toward God in how we use them. 
Just as a broken washing machine clanks along, so too people in this world clank along without thinking about their impact on the environment or how they can both experience personal freedom, and bless others, by giving.  A walk in the woods or swim in the ocean reveals reckless littering.   Buying things you don’t want, to impress people who don’t care, with money you don’t have, reveals thoughtless spending.  None of those things bring happiness. 
Fortunately, there is an alternative.  Jesus can help bring balance to our lives.  As Michael Slaughter states, “We can live well, in a world that is well served.”  My take-- by caring for our corner of the planet, and by blessing others through our giving, we can experience the freedom and joy that God wants each one of us to have.  We can lead a more balanced life.  Be on the lookout for a letter from me inviting you to participate in this series.   I hope to see you each Sunday during, “Balancing Your World”! 
Week 1: September 2            Planting Sunday: Good Beginnings                Song of Solomon 2:8-13
Week 2: September 9            Mountain Sunday: Protection and Care         Psalm 125
Week 3: September 16          Sky Sunday: Recklessness                               Psalm 19
Week 4: September 23          Harvest Sunday:  Cultivation and Fruits        Psalm 1
Week 5: September 30          Blessing All Creatures: Bring It!                      Psalm 124