Feel free to copy/paste or print out the questionnaire below. Send it by e-mail to Gary Dunn at ratfink1307@gmail.com

Senior Ministries Questionnaire


_____Would like to take part   _____ Would like to know more about it

        _____Will Not/Can Not take part


If interested/available, feel free to circle your preferences and fill in the blanks.


Adult Fun Days (AFD) – Favorite board games or learn some new ones (with prizes) i.e.,

· Mahjong: Tile matching game played for centuries - locate & remove matching tiles in pairs until you can't go any further or you clear them all.

· What's That Saying? This trivia-style game prompts you to remember popular sayings from the past.

· Senior Moments: This humorous game makes light of those forgetful moments while exercising your memory at the same time.

· Cranium: draw, act, hum, or ace trivia

· Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Dominos, Mexican Train Dominos, Card Games, Bingo, Checkers, Chinese checkers, Darts and Puzzles


Bus Trips to plays, sports events, museums, etc.  Name some that appeal to you.  __________________________________________    ___________________________________________


__________________________________________    ___________________________________________


Lunch at nearby restaurants.  Name some favorites.  ___________________________________


__________________________________________     __________________________________________


Arts or Crafts.  List some. _______________________      __________________________________


Name a subject you would like to know more about ____________________________________


Hands-on while seated mission project.  Suggestions? _________________________________


Additional comments/suggestions:


Preferred Day(s) of Week_________________________ Time of Day:  Morning    Mid-afternoon


Contact Information:


Name___________________________________________           Phone__________________________


Email __________________________