Letter from Church Leadership:

March 10, 2019

Dear Senior Member of First UMC,


FUMC is genuinely concerned about the faith development of all God's people in our congregation and we feel called to develop a more vital ministry by, with and for our senior adults.  Thus, our Church Council set this as one of our 2019 church goals and elected Gary Dunn to lead a new Senior Ministries Program. 

You are part of a great brigade of seniors in our congregation who have spent numerous years as disciples and purveyors of the Good News, and now you should also be the recipients.  All too often, the view of church growth is reaching out only to the under-35 crowd rather than to all ages. 

Senior adults are the fastest-growing age demographic in many of our congregations.  We do not want to ignore you as an important resource for church vitality and growth; we know you can still enlighten our church family to the special gifts that mature adults offer to Christ and the church.

As a new ministry of FUMC, you can develop it in a manner that suits you best.  We believe that recreational events such as fellowship meals, game days and bus trips may be appealing for starters.  We can also provide information and learning situations related to your needs and concerns, i.e., health, finances, computer training, social/environmental concerns, etc.  Joining together on a specific mission is another option to be purposeful.  "Get togethers" will be during daytime and outside our church walls to allow accessibility to everyone.  

We are excited at the aspects of providing this ministry to you for your enjoyment, learning and growth.  We hope you can help us develop it into a useful and beneficial ministry of our church for you that you can share with your friends and neighbors.

As an initial start, we have developed a Questionnaire to find your preferences to best plan our first event.

We look forward to hearing from you.

                                                       JoEllen Smith

                                              Church Council Chair