Discover your gifts!

Few of us pause to think about how remarkable you really are.  God has given gifts to you!  By sharing them, you help build the body of Christ.  Have you ever taken a moment to discover your gifts?
To determine your gifts, you may take a brief online survey 
Or you can print and complete the following survey. 
Take a moment to fill it out as a way to help you discover your gifts. Then contact Reverend White, or any of our other church leaders, and
let us know what you have learned about yourself. Gifts are given to build up
the church (1 Corinthians 14:12). We wish to involve you in that work!

If you would like a copy to print-out and write here.

1._____ I prefer ministering by myself rather than in a group. G
2. _____ People often say I am impulsive and direct. A
3. _____ My financial resources are above average. A
4. _____ I like to counsel people on a short-term basis. D
5. _____ I am a task-oriented person. G
6. _____ I love directing other people’s work. B
7. _____ It’s natural for me to show kindness to people. E
8. _____ People learn easily from me. C
9. _____ I can be very persuasive. F
10. _____ More than 10 percent of my income goes for Christian causes. A
11. _____ People often follow my advice. D
12. _____ I normally use several books in lesson preparation. C
13. _____ I like to recruit and lead people. B
14. _____ One-on-one relationships are important to me. E
15. _____ I possess a variety of talents and abilities. G
16. _____ I want to measure everything by God’s Word. F
17. _____ Material possessions don’t mean much to me. A
18. _____ Discouraged people are encouraged by my words. D
19. _____ Being accurate and truthful are important to me. C
20. _____ I love the challenge of accomplishing an organization goal. G
21. _____ Other people’s spiritual welfare genuinely concerns me. D
22. _____ I usually make quick decisions. F
23. _____ I look for ways to help the unfortunate and downtrodden.E
24. _____ Criticism doesn’t bother me. C
25. _____ I often volunteer my time and talents to worthwhile causes. G
26. _____ I am usually self-confident. B
27. _____ I don’t expect repayment for favors I do for others. E
28. _____ I enjoy being responsible for the success of the group. B
29. _____ When a question about truth comes up, I am normally right. F
30. _____ Deadlines challenge me, and I usually meet them on time. B
31. _____ People in pain are comforted by my presence. D

Spiritual Gifts Inventory, Short Form (A method to help you discover your gifts.)

Check the items which best describe you
Total your checks: A _____, B _____, C_____, D _____, E _____, F _____, G _____
Recording a 3, 4, or 5 after a letter indicates a Spiritual Gift.

A. GIVING-You contribute material resources, and do God’s work with liberality and cheerfulness. You contribute sacrificially, motivate others,
and don’t shun pressure or publicity. Romans 12:13 – “Share with God’s people.”

B. ADMINISTRATION- You lead and communicate in such a way that people work harmoniously to reach goals for God’s purpose. You enjoy being a leader and can endure adverse reaction to get the job done. You enjoy seeing tasks complete; are able to set guidelines, schedules, and policies; and can delegate to get the work done. Romans 12:14 – “Bless those who persecute you.”

C. TEACHING-You communicate the truth with obvious results. You believe your gift is foundational and work systematically and with accuracy.
Romans 12:11 – “Keep spiritual fervor.”

D. EXHORTATION-You minister by giving comfort, consolation, and encouragement so people feel helped and healed. Problems are only challenges, and you are drawn to those seeking spiritual growth. You can share personal failures to prompt others to talk. Learning and teaching practical information is your desire. Romans 12:12 – “Joyful, patient and faithful.”

E. MERCY-You feel compassion for those who are suffering and perform deeds to reflect God’s love. You are naturally drawn to hurting people, sensitive, giving, loving and desire healing. 
'Romans 12:15-16 – “Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with mourners, live in harmony.”

F. PROPHECY-The goal of those who have the gift of prophecy is to bring persons face to face with God. You discern, reveal motives and actions, have strong convictions and a need to express them. Impulsive, direct, and persuasive, you normally are a strong person.
Romans 12:9 – “Love must be sincere, hate evil, cling to good.”

G. SERVING-You identify and meet the needs of others using personal as well as other resources. You see needs and enjoy responding.
You work best short-term and alone (do it now and quickly). You possess endurance and stamina and have a tendency to do too much.
Romans 12:10 – “Be devoted, honor one another.”