Wrap up the 2018 Garden Season …
The harvesting of the garden wrapped up in September. We took donations of corn (about 200 ears) to the Highland Food Pantry throughout September. Sadly, the increased moisture in August and September caused most of the crop to not fully mature or to rot. We were glad to get a start on just knowing what the APR Property's ground would produce for us and we were pleased to see that it bore good fruit with minimal maintenance this last year.
The last crop for the year is a few pumpkin plants which we hope to mature and be ready for the Fall Festival on October 20th from 11-2 pm at the APR property.
Keep in mind, we are looking for volunteers to build some raised boxes over the winter for spring planting in 2019.
We will keep you posted about gardening gatherings (planning meetings) during the winter months.
Please let me know if you have other ideas or contributions for the garden. We look forward to building on our first year’s work.
Stacey Stickley-Roy, Lay leader and Community Garden Manager

The pictures below are from Summer 2018