First United Methodist Church (FUMC) is a regional and inclusive congregation. We draw members from all parts of Winchester, Frederick County, and surrounding areas.

First United Methodist Church is blessed with leaders who willingly use their gifts and talents in leadership and service. Perhaps the strongest indicator of the vitality of the laity is that people readily volunteer when asked, suggest new ideas, and implement new programs with enthusiasm, competence and energy. The creation of the laity team has strengthened lay leadership by listening, advising, teaching and training (in partnership with the pastoral staff) our future leaders.

We are blessed to have two Certified Lay Speakers, four Local Church Lay Speakers and several congregational members with strong speaking/witnessing gifts.

FUMC's Theology

Theologically, our church is solidly within the Wesleyan tradition.  We encourage members to see themselves as servants of Christ and become involved in service to the church and world. Working together as the body of Christ, we seek to fulfill our mission to make disciples of Jesus.

FUMC's Spirituality

FUMC takes seriously the call to develop spiritual vitality. We encourage our members to grow in faith by participating in worship, receiving Holy Communion, and participating in small groups. We offer experiences that will allow members and friends to grow in discipleship through bible study, church choirs, and through ministry for youth and children. We offer opportunities to improve body, mind, and Spirit. From time to time we offer practical classes on family finance and parenting. We have a running group. We offer various fellowship events throughout the year. An excellent measurement of our spiritual vitality is found in the sense of cooperation, community, and common purpose which is found among our church leaders.


Mission Outreach

FUMC's primary form of witness is through mission and outreach.  We reach out locally, regionally, and globally. Locally, we work with the Salvation Army, CCAP (Congregational Community Action Program), and Teens Opposing Poverty. We are a host church for WATTS (Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Shelter) and provide shelter and food for the homeless community for one week each year. Regionally, we have many trained UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission) leaders. In 2013 a team was sent to Crisfield, MD to respond to hurricane Sandy. Globally, we make birthing kits and school kits which are sent to some of the poorest countries in the world.  In 2014, our youth are projected to participate in an international mission.


First UMC's mission and ministry is modeled on Christ's teachings found in Matthew 25:34-46. Therefore, our role is to help members and friends become a loving, sharing and daring witness to others. We seek to be a church that is welcoming and nurturing with a vision for mission in Winchester and around the world.